Sipping Sweetness

Lorraine Williams just sent in this wonderful news.
“My poem, ‘Hummingbird’ will be included in First Wave, the first Beach Bards Anthology in New Jersey.”
An excellent accomplishment, but not the first of its kind for Lorraine. “Last summer,” she admits, “I was the ‘Beach Bard’ for June.” This month last year, Lorraine was one of two featured poets at the Beach Bards Poetry and Prose Reading series in Sea Isle, NJ.
But that’s not all.
“My Poem, ‘One Morning,’ has been accepted for publication in the Tribute Anthology honoring Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the former Poet Laureate of San Francisco, who founded City Lights, an independent bookstore ahead of its time, which featured many of the Beat Poets and continues as a mecca for writers today.
“Personally, it’s kind of cool to have my work published on both coasts,” she says.
“Kinda cool” is not how I would describe this remarkable confluence of events. But then, I’m not a poet.
Here’s a delectable tidbit from “Hummingbird.”

Hummingbird swoops afternoon sky,

flits bloom to bloom on whirling wings,

sipping sweetness, pauses then flies.

And another from “One Morning”…

“Poetry is the sun streaming down…in the meshes of morning.”  Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Late September sun warms, as I  cross the street to City Lights Bookstore,

and climb stairs to the Poetry Room where I

plan to read and maybe buy a book or two,

As soon as the anthologies are published, we’ll let you know.

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