Creative Confinement?

The Florida Watercolor Society recently challenged its members to submit artwork created during their Covid-19 pandemic confinement. Pen Woman, Cheryl A. Fausel, contributed two paintings to the sale—for a sale it is!

Yes. You can purchase any of these works of art for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one!

You know, the imagination cannot be confined. Nor can emotion. Artists, for instance, often produce their best work under duress. Artists are gifts of the gods, who, after all, gave us lemons in the full confidence that we would figure out how to make lemon martinis.

So lift your glass and let us celebrate our artists!

Want to purchase artwork?

All entries to the Creative Confinement Challenge are available for purchase! Please click the button to download the price list and purchase instructions. Have your eye on a piece? Don’t hesitate – they’re going fast!
Cheryl’s paintings are:

“Lemons on a Ledge.”

(What was I saying about lemons?)


“Matlacha Beauties”

Actually, #1 (8″ x 8″) is only one of a series of four. (See below.)
#2- 12″ x 12″
#3- 17″ x 17″
#4- 17″x 17″

#s 1 & 2 framed will be  24 x 24, while #s 3 & 4 are mounted on wooden cradles!

You will find Cheryl’s two entries among the artwork at the purchase link above. It’s like the fun of hunting for Easter eggs in a flower-filled meadow.


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