The Whispering Heart

Marta Elva Gibbons contemplates “mayhem.”

Listen…to the Whisper of Your Heart

Writing in the time of corona virus is like meditating at a four-way stop sign,

Constant motion of emotion interrupted by the stop and go

Of politicians and everyday citizens championing wisdom and nonsense.

Confusion saturates sensations of the human mind – sight, sound and vision;

Only you can decide what’s right.

Nature calls outside my window, silently observing, as we rip each other apart –

The sanctity of silence, gone.

People arrive by boat determined to exercise their right to – PARTY!

On the road, traffic speeds by toward Pine Island,

Anxious drivers seeking justice for past atrocities of waiting in long traffic lines.

Nature warns us – its alarm ignored,

Rising death tolls preordained normal,

Human fragility mocked; dismissed by youthful arrogance and an ignorant government.

What to do when all our exits are blocked;

When voices scream, I can’t breathe – from hospital beds and city streets,

When the youth of America continues the struggle of a long, drawn out fight.


Not to screaming voices of frustrated Americans and activists.

Listen…to the whisper of your heart;

It knows, you know –

Something is wrong, and only we, can restore the sacredness of humankind.

Marta Elva, July 2020



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