Cheryl A Fausel

The Musicians Of Turin II

This painting, the Musicians of Turin II was exhibited in the Exhibit “Inspirational Journey” held at the Venue Art Hotel, in Charleston, South Carolina, from October 15 – Nov 29 2020. The purpose of the exhibit was to connect the art to the writer: Pat Conroy and his writings! The painting won 2nd prize in that exhibition.

“For 20 years Conroy has wandered from Beaufort to Atlanta to Italy and back, onto San Francisco and, lately, back to Beaufort.” I too, have lived the past 20 years between the southern part of Switzerland almost on the Italian border and the US, with Florida as my basis. Street musicians are an integral part of the Italian scene. Although I read “Beach Music” years ago, I have felt a connection to all of Conroy’s work and have read most of what he has written. 

2 thoughts on “Cheryl A Fausel

  1. Thanks, Christina. This was my test posting. It’s taken me two days to figure this out, but I think I have it, so can now post for members. This painting just got accepted into the FLorida Watercolor Society Exhibition in September and the traveling show as well.


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