Carol Thayer Cox

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Carol Thayer Cox is a board-certified art therapist-retired, writer, and educator, who has been on the faculty of the graduate art therapy programs of George Washington University, Vermont College, and Pratt Institute’s School of Art & Design. Specializing in color, archetypal imagery, and symbolism as reflected by different states of consciousness, she has been presenting papers and offering workshops for over 30 years. Carol seeks to understand how communication, whether through art, dance, music, or words, can offer healing. Her writing has been published as book chapters as well as numerous peer-reviewed journal articles. She is co-author of Telling Without Talking: Art as a Window into Multiple Personality and co-editor of Portrait of the Artist as Poet. Carol’s latest co-edited book is Saying Goodbye to Our Mothers for the Last Time, a collection of unique stories that offer creative ways to deal with loss.