Making It Personal

Cynthia in 2018, not long after the publication of her HIDDEN HISTORY OF FORT MYERS,

Cynthia Williams is getting personal with her writing. She’s making it her business to write about people’s personal lives, their families, even their pets. She calls it “writing personal histories.”

Writing personal histories is a real business, and it might have been conceived by Cynthia, herself, for it is only a whisper away from the broader narrative history she loves best. Cynthia often says that a nation’s history, indeed world history, is merely the sum of the personal histories of the individuals and families of that nation and our world. And now she proposes to begin writing them.

“For decades now,” she says, “people have been increasingly interested in exploring their family trees—even their own DNA—but what’s the point if you can’t share your discovery with those who share your history?”

Having a professional storyteller assemble all the bits and pieces into a beautifully crafted narrative would be the finest gift you could ever give to your loved ones and to future generations of your family. Your story can be told in any form you can imagine: in book form, filled with imagery of all kinds; as a e-book, also with imagery, along with the voices of family elders and children telling their parts, and with music to heighten the mood; and/or in video form, so that generations from now, your great-great-greats can see their ancestors telling the family history. You might even wish to have a beloved pet immortalized in a child’s picture book for the little (and big) kids who mourn her or him. As Cynthia says, the possibilities are limited only by your and her combined imaginations.

There is no better time than right now to think about both your past and the future. What you will pass on to your descendants? What do you want to say to them? Does it matter to you, or to them, that they know who you were, who your parents and grandparents were? Cynthia Williams thinks it matters. Because your history is, in microcosm, the history of our nation,. and without knowledge of our own history, we are neither a family nor a nation, but only swarms of rootless individuals wandering about in ignorance of our past and without the tools to build a better future.

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