National headquarters, Pen Arts Building, Washington, DC

The National League of American Pen Women, established in 1897 in Washington D.C., is the oldest arts organization for women in the United States, with branches throughout the country. We are a community of professional artists, writers, poets, dramatists, lecturers, and composers who believe in the power of words, art, and music to illuminate the human experience, fire the imagination, and nourish the soul.

The Southwest Florida Branch of the NLAPW was established in 1977. Its members are published authors of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and plays; professional visual artists and photographers; and artists in jewelry design and glassware.

Collectively, the Pen Women of SW Florida hold hundreds of awards for their work, much of it displayed in galleries and libraries around the United States and in collections around the world. Pen Women support one another, and fund scholarships for local, worthy young women desiring to further their careers in the fields of art, literature or music.