Moody River Estates Book Club ZOOMS in on Marta Elva

Marta Elva Gibbons, author of American Tumbleweeds, a Sarton Women’s Book Award Finalist, was hosted last month by the North Fort Myers Moody River Estates Book Club. She reports on the event as follows.

The Moody River Estates Book Club Discusses American Tumbleweeds with Author Marta Elva

  Marta Elva at Barnes & Noble in San Antonio, TX – 2016

Everyone misses the person-to-person contact of yesteryear.  These days, corona virus mandates that events, meetings, etc., be “ZOOM-ed,” a new verb that sounds as distant and cold as the computer screens required to participate in this high-tech experience.

During my career, I made a point of working behind the camera. Why? Because the unblinking camera lens is relentless, scrutinizing imperfections up close and personal.

Fortunately, the women of the Moody River Estates Book Club put me at ease immediately. In June 2020, the ladies invited me to participate in a discussion of my novel, American Tumbleweeds, via ZOOM. Their warm-heartedness radiated through the screen; they clearly had spent time thoroughly reading my novel—a privilege I sincerely value.

I’m always fascinated by the unique interpretation each reader has of the same journey. There’s nothing more satisfying than a reader expressing concern for my characters as if discussing old friends. It lets me know readers discovered a part of themselves in the pages of my novel. A most gratifying reward for any writer. The ladies’ acute observations and abiding remarks nourished my soul for future projects. This was an inspiring conversation greatly needed during a period of isolation.

I still long for person-to-person readings, but the remote experience with the Moody River Estates Book Club provided a gratifying alternative. Thank you for your support, Ladies!

At Barnes & Noble in San Antonio, TX – 2016

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